Tenille Townes Reveals Hair Secrets

Thin, lifeless hair is a common complaint, yet few women know the best remedy. 

Country star Tenille Townes has it figured out. 

During a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Somebody's Daughter" singer delivered her best secrets for full volume, shiny locks. 

"I use an old-fashioned curling iron that has a clip. I cannot do that wand stuff, where you have to hold it. I burn my hands," laughs Tenille. "I am just not good at that. Then, I add a little bit of hairspray, a lot of dry shampoo. That's really about it."

Minimalism, check. Lauryn Snapp on the show is making a note and ordering a stockpile of dry shampoo. Browse the gallery below to see 5 times Tenille turned heads with her perfect hair.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.