Luke Combs Genuinely Is Just A 'Regular Guy'

Luke Combs is the definition of a "ordinary man."

The "Beer Never Broke My Heart" singer has sold-out tours, won numerous awards, and hit the top of the charts with nine #1 singles. Even despite all of the accomplishments, he still considers himself just a "regular guy." 

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Luke credits his success to the fact that he is just genuinely himself. 

"I think it's that I am just a regular dude. You know?" says the newly married country superstar. "I don't mean to harp on that. It's not a publicity thing. It's like, I am just the same as any other guy walking down Broadway to get a drink right now."

"I put my mind to something, and I did it. I think it's a testament that anyone can do anything," says Luke before revealing his struggles. "When I moved to town, a lot of people were like, "Well, you know, you are going to be a good writer and stuff." And, that was it. But it was like, no one would even give me a publishing either, and I was like, "Well, what do I have to do?"

"I would go and play something for someone, and they would say, "That's a great song. Who do you think can sing that?" And, I was like, "What do you mean? I am singing it right now. Who else do you want to sing it?" Luke laughs with irony.

The star may have had a tough go at it when breaking into the music industry, but once the door was open, he was unstoppable and is proving his staying power.

"Two years ago, I didn't have a publishing deal or a record deal. You know what I mean? And, it's like, here we are. It gives people the thought process of like, "Well, man, if that guy can do this, then I can be a whatever," says Luke hoping that he continues to inspire other regular people out there to chase their dreams.  

"I feel like you are just a regular dude, and I think that's what is so appealing," Cody chimes in. "I think when we are genuinely ourselves, it's so much easier for people to like you. No matter what that is."

"Yeah, there is no façade!" laughs the "Beautiful Crazy" singer.

"As excited I am about this, I am just as excited to go home and put on a pair of gym shorts and farting on my couch for the next two hours. But, that's real talk, though," laughs Luke.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.