Taylor Swift Fans Believed Cody Alan Played Harmonica During ACMS

Suave sarcasm is either understood entirely or not understood at all.

During the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards, CMT’s Cody Alan posted a photo of Taylor Swift on stage, which featured her harmonica player radiantly backlit. The mystery player was safely distanced while Taylor crooned the crowd with her song, “Betty.”

As a joke, the television and radio host took to twitter saying, “Thanks @TaylorSwift13, for asking me to play harmonica tonight. What an honor. #ACMAwards.” While Cody has many hidden talents outside of his regular hosting gig, playing harmonica isn’t one of them.

The Swifty Fan Club didn’t catch on. Twitter exploded and gave us the best chuckle. Browse the best and funniest comments below.

Big props to Mike Meadows, who was the real harmonica player on stage with Taylor! Cody didn’t mean to steal your thunder. It was just a joke and you killed it!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.