Caylee Hammack's Fashion Statement Of 2020: Old Lady Nightgowns

Caylee Hammack has excellent taste in fashion. If you're looking to stock up on some new sleepwear for the weeks ahead, consider her quarantine fashion statement and purchase an old-fashioned nightgown. 

You will thank her later. 

"You're going to think I am old lady," laughs Caylee during a recent interview with Cody Alan. "I love a good nightgown!" 

"I keep buying these old lady nightgowns that remind me of my grandma, and then I am walking around my house at 4 pm, and people are walking their dogs down my street. They probably think my name is Aunt Maude or something," quips the "Family Tree" singer. 

Caylee's vulnerability helped Cody admit that he has also been buying vintage-inspired loungewear and has been purchasing "old man flannel pajamas." 

Want to see a pic of Cody in his old man flannel? Let him know by connecting on Twitter or Instagram @CodyAlan

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Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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