Lauryn's List: Netflix Reveals Viewership On Top Ranked Films

NETFLIX did something that it NEVER does!

The streaming service has released the number of viewers behind what they claim as "their top movies!"

Did you watch Bird Box? See Lauryn Snapp's list below to scope out how many others joined you in watching the American post-apocalyptic horror, thriller film.

Spoiler Alert: It was MILLIONS.

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Here’s the full top 10:

Extraction (99 million)

Bird Box (89 million)

Spenser Confidential (85 million)

6 Underground (83 million)

Murder Mystery (73 million)

The Irishman (64 million)

Triple Frontier (63 million)

The Wrong Missy (59 million)

The Platform (56 million)

The Perfect Date (48 million)

Photo Credit: Getty Images.