Why Runaway June Feels Wealthy In New Single 'We Were Rich'

Runaway June has never been more relatable then they are as they look back on the "good old days" in their new single, "We Were Rich."

"Old rabbit ears," "TV trays," "wood panel doors," and the "Wonder Years," are both nostalgic memories brought up in the lyrics of Runaway Junes new single and also descriptors for how Cody Alan was raised.

In a recent interview with Cody, the trio shared how the idea that money can't buy everything became the perfect tune to debut their newest bandmates, Natalie Stovall. 

"It's been so exciting. It's our favorite song on the record!" says the band's Naomi Cooke.

"It's divine timing! We think that this song is really going to speak to the hearts of so many people during this time, and it's something that we feel like we need to say." 

"The power that music has to heal, to transport, to give courage or bring back visceral memories is some of the most potent medicine we can ever experience and this song has done that over and over again," said Runaway June, in part, via Instagram. "Our dream now is to share that experience with you all with our brand new single 'We Were Rich.'"

"It's great to have Natalie on this song! It's got more of an emotional component to it with the fiddle," continues Naomi.  

"Also, it was Natalie's favorite song on the album too! So, it's so cool that the first one that we are doing together was also her favorite song on the album," Jennifer Wayne chimes in with excitement. 

Sometimes the most precious things are free, like the stunning three-part harmonies and rich fiddle sounds offered in "We Were Rich." Take a listen for yourself by clicking the link below. 

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