Cody Alan’s Tip Of The Cap (Good News Story)

We all need a little good news right now. Cody Alan is here to tip his cap!

For the past three years, Alex Burkemper has been living with his older brother Todd in Wentzville, Missouri. 

Todd has always kept a watchful eye on Alex. After Alex's college graduation, Todd offered to allow his younger brother to live in his home rent-free for six months, after which Alex would pay his portion of the monthly rent. 

It was an agreeable situation for both brothers; however, unbeknownst to Alex, Todd transferred the full rent payment every month into a separate bank account for his brother. 

When Alex found a house of his own, Todd surprised him with the funds while their mom caught the whole thing on camera. 

Be sure to bring tissues and watch the magical moment to unfold yourself by clicking the link below.

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