Kelsea Ballerini Masters Mario Kart + Kitchen Skills

Kelsea Ballerini has mastered the kitchen and karting.

In a recent interview, Kelsea joined Cody Alan to dish all the details on how she has learned to cook, and has been filling her time by playing Mario Kart.

“Oh man,” laughs Kelsea after Cody asked her how she and husband, Morgan Evans have been handling being at home.

“It honestly depends on the day. We live in the heart of Nashville, so for us to go out, we are in contact with a lot of people. We have been hunkered down and playing a lot of Mario Cart,” shared the ‘Hole In The Bottle’ singer, also revealing that she is a better gamer than her husband.

“What have you been doing at home?” asked Cody.

“This sounds pretty lame, and like I am an old married woman now, but I finally learned to cook, Cody! Finally! When this is all over, you should come over and let me cook for you. I am actually good at it now. It finally clicked!”

“Yes! What will you be making?” Cody inquired.

“Morgan is vegetarian, so I have been trying to get creative and still make stuff that doesn’t involve tofu every day, and I think I have mastered Eggplant Parmesan. Like, homemade sauce, really from scratch, eggplant parmesan.”

Cody is counting down the days until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and the smell of eggplant parmesan can safely waft through the air. What are you learning to do better at home? Tweet Cody at @CodyAlan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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