Kane Brown Discovers Daughter's Love For Basketball

Kane Brown's 7-month-old daughter Kingsley Rose might have a future in sports!

Kane shared a sporty clip via his social media, showing himself holding Kingsley and dribbling a basketball. In the sweet video, fans watch as Kingsley gives a valiant effort to dribble the ball just like her dad.

"Found out my baby loves basketball," Kane captioned the clip on Instagram. On Twitter he added, "She's gonna be a baller, you saw how she was tryin to dribble."

The "Home Sick" singer might be a little sick of home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Kane also recently shared with Cody Alan that outside of playing basketball with his toddler and spending time with his family, he is "eating good." 

"We are doing as good as we can be, man!" shared Kane. "We got Kate's mom here, quarantined with us. So, she's been a big help with the baby. She and Kate have been making us dinner every night. They've made it very easy — just a lot of binge-watching.

Kane went on to share that his binge-worthy shows so far have included, "Tiger King, The Ozarks, and The One Hundred."

Have you heard Kane's new single, "Cool Again?" Kane served up the new track on April 23rd as an appetizer for an upcoming project. No release date has been announced.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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