Tim McGraw Gives Out-Of-This-World Reply When Asked About NASA

From Nashville to NASA, Tim McGraw once made a small step for man and a giant leap for country music by sending his single, “Top Of The World” to astronauts who were living in space.

In an interview with Cody Alan, the country superstar shared his love for NASA and passion for space discovery.

“I’m a huge fan of those guys,” says the “Humble and Kind” singer. “I think that they are some of the brightest people that we have, and the things that they do, and the technology, and the brainpower. Man, I have always been fascinated by astronauts and space.” 

We are also captivated with space, Tim! 

Fun Fact: Look to the sky because for the rest of May, Americans will be able to view bright objects in our solar system and beyond — both before sunrise and after sunset.

An hour before sunrise every day in May, the sights of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon should be visible to the south. (Depending on where you are, of course.)

And, an hour after sunset during May, the bright planet Venus and some distant stars can be spotted too (to the West).

If the stars align, Tim will join Cody Alan on the radio, May 22nd. Find your station at www.CMTCody.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images.