Jon Pardi Reveals' Heartache Medication' Game Changer

It's always a party when Jon Pardi drops in with CMT Radio’s Cody Alan.

In an interview with Cody, Jon reveals that the excitement from his 'Heartache Medication' album has fueled new music. "We are already starting to work on album number four," says the "Night Shift" singer.

"It's been great," Jon continues. "When we play, 'Heartache Medication' LIVE it's like, well, it's just got power. The crowd is totally amped to hear it and sing along with us. Everyone has just been on the rollercoaster ride through the emotions of the album. It talks a lot of emotion in it."

"It's a great record. It's got a little bit of everything. It's got some new country. It's got some old school sounding stuff. It really pushes the limits."

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Click the link below to see Jon Pardi's "Heartache Medication" music video and watch as one of country music's favorite hat-wearing cowboys' boot scoots and boogies through dance moves with his fiancé Summer Duncan.

Spoiler Alert: These lovebirds move perfectly together!

Photo Credit: Getty Images.