Jon Pardi + Fiance Summer Duncan Postpone Wedding

While spring is usually the start of a busy wedding season, many have had to cancel or postpone their big day because of the coronavirus.

Those affected include, Jon Pardi and his fiancé Summer Duncan.

Jon and Summer have put off their May wedding until the Coronavirus pandemic has passed. Summer says, “We would be selfish” to “put our guests at risk”. Summer posted the news on social media with a sigh of relief, saying "Somewhat of a relief not having to stress every day with the news of the virus and whether or not it passes by the end of May,” Duncan wrote. “We would be selfish to keep our wedding date and put our guests at risk. To all the other brides out there (and wedding vendors) it’s gonna be one hell of a busy fall!! Haha."

Wedding season is certainly not at all how many brides had imagined their big day to be. Although, the postponement to Jon and Summer's wedding is kind of a nice touch to their unconventional love story.

In a world where celebrities seem to meet their significant others at industry events, Jon took another approach with his dating life. The country singer’s mom introduced Jon and his girlfriend, Summer. That’s right, making Jon’s mom possibly his best wingman. 

As conventional as this romance started, when it comes to the future, the possibilities are endless and so are the baby name puns.

In an interview with Cody Alan, Cody referenced that if Jon and Summer get married, her legal name will be “Summer Pardi.”

Watch the video below to see what Jon offered up in the way of baby name ideas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.