Why Ingrid Andress' Music Touches 'More Hearts Than Mine' + Yours

Ingrid Andress has been told on numerous occasions that she is not very "Lady Like," but that's not holding her back from being a trailblazer for the modern-day woman.

In fact, country fans find her to be more relatable due to her boisterous mannerisms. Her hit, "More Hearts Than Mine," has skyrocketed up the country charts, and Ingrid believes that this song resonated so quickly with fans because it comes from "a very real personal place."

"I think people are connecting to it because it's a real-life situation," shared the breakout star in an interview with Cody Alan. "I feel like everybody from every walk of life has to meet your child's significant other, or you are introducing your significant other to your family. It's a weird situation if you think about it because you are bringing in a rando to meet the most important people in your life."

Ingrid performed her Platinum-certified debut single “More Hearts Than Mine” at 54th annual CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 11). Watch her performance by clicking the link below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.