Little Big Town's 'Cinematic' Live Show Is A Must See [Photos]

Little Big Town's 'Nightfall Tour' delivers a truly "out of this world" theatrical experience.

This visually and vocally stellar tour kicked off at New York City's Carnegie Hall on January 16 before plotting its way around to 34 intimate venues around the US. Joining them on the road is powerhouse vocalist, Caitlyn Smith. This show is a must see. Get your tickets by clicking HERE.

"Country is a very oversaturated marketplace, so you've got to come up with things that draw [fans] in," says lead singer Karen Fairchild in a statement with the press. "Sometimes the bigger option is not always the best. It's not all about the amount of tickets you sell. It's about your audience — giving different experiences and levels of connection is important."

Recently, CMT Radio made the trek to Atlanta, Georgia, to see the foursome play the historic Fox Theatre. Their takeaways? Click HERE to stream their new album, 'Nightfall', and browse the gallery of photos below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.


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