Maren Morris Enjoys Documenting Her Pregnancy On Instagram

Maren Morris is in the home stretch of her pregnancy and so far hasn't been shy about showing off her expanding baby bump. However, the songstress shared Cody Alan that her posting of photos will slow down on social media once her son arrives.

Maren and her husband, Ryan Hurd, are relishing in oversharing their pregnancy journey with fans on Instagram. In fact, they think it's really important.

"I'm not touring, and this is the biggest thing that I have ever done, I mean make a human," laughs Maren. "It's fascinating. I have enjoyed seeing the stages, and I also know that Ryan and I don't really want to show our baby on social media a ton. I am really enjoying the "right now" where this is about me and my journey."

Maren and Ryan made a pact early on that they would reserve photos of their little one once he arrives and allow him to decide on whether or not he wants to be showcased on social media. "We are kind of in the camp of letting our son decide if he wants to be shown on social media. Right now, I am enjoying sharing just my pregnancy."

See the gallery below for 7 of our favorite baby bump photos from Maren and Ryan’s Instagram accounts.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.