Hunter Hayes Debuts Video You’ll Want To See ‘Night and Day’

Hunter Hayes is adding "dancer" to his resume.

Hunter Hayes hits deep with his new song, “Night and Day,” which features riveting beats, radiant scenes, and, really, killer dance moves! Hunter looks confident as he croons his way through lyrics that describe what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s flooded with mix signals, sundry emotions, and potential red flags from his partner. 

Premiering exclusively with PEOPLE, Hunter shared the video “came together in 48 hours. We referenced back to things in former videos with me getting to play a few instruments, so I’d feel at home as this whole album was made in my basement. I got to break out of my comfort zone in general!”

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Check out the video below and let Cody Alan know what you think on Twitter at @CodyAlan. Want to share your thoughts with Hunter himself? Now, you can text him at 337-221-9213. Hunter’s LP ‘Wild Blue Part 1’ is available everywhere NOW. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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