Travis Denning Thinks Sam Hunt’s ‘Southside Summer Tour’ Needs New Name

Travis Denning says he is “fired up” to join Sam Hunt and Kip Moore on the road in 2020 for the 'Southside Summer Tour,' but there’s one thing to mention, the tour name could have had a little more “muscle” behind it.

During an interview with CMT Radio’s Cody Alan, Travis broke the news.

“Dude. So, here is the deal. It’s Sam, Kip Moore, and me. I was like, “You should have named it the two and a half men tour,” Travis teased. “Because, it’s like, two of the buffest, most muscular, chiseled guys…and… then …ME.”

“I am pretty fired up because I am going to get in there with them!”

“How many push-ups can you do RIGHT NOW?” asked Cody.

“I could do 45,” replied Travis.

See Cody & Travis check in with an old fashioned push-up contest by watching the video below. Follow Cody on Instagram to see Nashville antics, artist interviews, and there’s a bonus… fitness inspiration.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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