Florida Georgia Line Tease Tropical Studio + Record #5

Someone has been hard at work! Florida Georgia Line is back in the studio, and according to Instagram stories, they're trading Tree Vibez for Tropical Vibez.

The country duo posted photos in the studio tagging Damian Becerra and Corey Crowder with the caption, "Workin hard or hardly workin?" This is further proof that they have been hard at work since their first teaser post went up on Nov. 18 saying, "Guess who's back in the studio?!" FGL wrote in the caption of their Instagram pic, which shows the duo's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley smiling for a selfie. They're seated at the control panel of a recording studio, and the photo is hashtagged with "#record5," "#letsgooooo" and "#newmusic."

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Check out their IG stories by watching the videos below. When do you think we will finally get a little ear candy? Let Cody Alan know on Twitter @CodyAlan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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