Sam Hunt Says Playing Sports Helped His Music Career

Can athletics make you a better musician? Sam Hunt thinks so!

In an interview with Cody Alan, Sam shared how his love of sports helped him find his groove with a grueling schedule and find his footing as he relentlessly chased his passion for music.

“I grew up completely consumed by sports,” says the “Sinning With You” singer. “That athletic thing definitely helped me transition into the music realm, especially when I got a little older and got a guitar and decided to move to Nashville.”

Moving to Nashville to pursue music can be overwhelming, but securing a good schedule can make it easier. “I had a pretty good routine going as far as working hard and keeping my nose to the grindstone and not being too distracted by other things,” says Sam.

Sam played football in high school and college and attempted to pursue a sports career before landing his first music deal in Nashville.

“Throughout my college years, I was learning to play guitar. Throughout learning to play guitar, I was learning to write songs, and I pretty much fell for that head over heels. I was stuck on that. I kind of had tunnel vision with music. I couldn’t necessarily walk away with some of these opportunities with sports, so I went down the road a little way until I realized that it wasn’t the right route. It didn’t take very long. I knew.”

Sam Hunt fans think he made the right choice! Listen to Sam’s newest single, “Sinning With You” available now by clicking HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.