Morgan Wallen Reveals Worst Gig Ever

Sometimes we work jobs that aren't exactly what we had expected. In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Morgan Wallen revealed how an empty bar and an intoxicated friend caused him to have the worst gig of his life.

"When I first moved to Nashville, my booking agent sent my band to play cover shows. He wanted to see if we could do it and see if my band was any good, just to get us tightened up," starts Morgan.

"We were in Greenville, SC. doing this cover band thing. We drove down there in our cars," laughs Morgan. "Well, it was a Friday or a Saturday night, and we thought, "It's gonna be fine. There will be all kinds of people there! Well, it was rush week, and no one was allowed to go out. So, we get down to this bar, we dive like 10 hours, and no one is there."

To drown thier sorrows of an empty barroom, Morgan and the band decided to start cracking open a few bottles. "We start drinking PBR's way too early. I brought one of my buddies with me, and for some reason, he decides he is going to go ALL OUT. He gets overly protective of his friends. So he tells the bar owner how terrible his bar is!

This didn't go well. "He kicks my friend out of the bar while I am on stage. I'm like, "What's going on over there?"

"I don't think we got paid."

Thankfully, we can raise our Whiskey Glasses that those days are over.

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