Little Big Town Sugar Coats NOTHING In New 'Sugar Coat' Video

Little Big Town is known for tugging heartstrings in their lyrics and having hard conversations when the topic deals with matters of the heart, but nothing could have prepared us for "Sugar Coat."

Don't let the title fool you. This is a grit laden tale, reflecting on the pressures to keep a picture-perfect life. The lyrics of the chorus cut deep.

"Sometimes I wish I liked drinkin' / Sometimes I wish I liked pills / Wish I could sleep with a stranger / Someone like me never will, / Sometimes I hardly can stand it / I just smile with a lump in my throat / Sometimes I wish I could bear it /Didn't have to wear this sugar coat."

"Sugar Coat" is the newest release from Little Big Town and will be a featured track on their forthcoming album, 'Nightfall,' due out on Jan. 17.

Directed by brother and sister duo, Stephen and Alexa Kinigopoulos, watch the retro-inspired, heart wrenching video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.