Luke Combs Is Stumped By His Dog’s Weight Gain

Luke Combs laid it all out on the table with Cody Alan.

During a recent interview, the “What You See Is What You Get” singer shared that his dog’s recent weight gain stumps him. Luke and his fiancé Nicole Hocking adopted the sweet pup named "Jojo" in May of 2019, and have since been enjoying puppy parenting and planning for their wedding.

However, Luke thinks that the dog might be sneaking food when the two are asleep. Could it be late-night snacking on leftover beer and pizza?

Watch the interview below to see what Luke shared.

On October 9, social media’s socialites will be celebrating “International Beer and Pizza Day,” as well as “National Pet Obesity Awareness.” Take a tip of the cap from Luke, who found a way to bridge the gap between the two.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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