Jason Aldean Wins Twice With Georgia Bulldogs

Over the weekend, Jason Aldean experienced two big wins.

The first came as the Georgia Bulldogs fought their way to a 23 -17 victory against Notre Dame. The action-packed win, now has the DAWGS ranked No. 3 in the SEC. Not too shabby

The second win of the weekend happened when Jason fumbled and snapped a photo of his wife Brittany, donning a Georgia logo t-shirt. The Alabama alum actively roots for the Crimson Tide, which is an arch-rival of the Bulldogs leaving the Aldean house divided throughout the football season.

"I always knew @brittanyaldean would come around to the 'G,'" Jason touted in his caption to the shot.

Browse the photos below to see who fans harder for their team on social media!

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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