Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Releases Son’s Birth Video

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley welcomed Luca Reed into the world on August 19. Since Luca’s arrival, the family has been sharing images and are smitten by their newest member.

Today (August 28) Tyler released one of his most vulnerable videos to date – Luca’s birth video. Watch the clip below to see the Hubbard family journey together and round out their family to include four.

“The gift of life is so incredible, and I couldn’t be more thankful to experience the birth of our baby boy alongside my amazing wife last week,” shared Tyler in his Instagram caption. “Hayley is the definition of strength, patience, grace, love, and positivity. Watching Hayley through the whole pregnancy process and delivery has been one of the most inspiring events in my life. My faith has been strengthened, and my heart has found another level of love that I didn’t even know was possible. I’ve now gotten a little taste of how God must feel about all of his children.”

“To all the mothers out there... I have so much respect for you all. Also, thanks to my buddy Vince for capturing so many special moments and putting together this video that we’ll cherish forever. One day we’ll be sharing this video with our grandkids. I hope y’all enjoy this and I hope this video lets y’all feel what words cannot describe.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.