Billy Ray Cyrus Rescues Parents From Screaming Baby

One mother and father are tipping their hat to Billy Ray Cyrus, and Lil Nas X for dropping their smash hit "Old Town Road" and saving them from further enduring the continued screams of their daughter. 

Billy Ray stumbled upon the video of this tiny fan and had to share the story with CMT Radio's Cody Alan. "I gotta tell you, and then you'll have to go look at my Twitter," said Billy Ray. "I put up this link that I had never seen before. It is this little baby, and it is SQUALLING its face-off," laughs Billy Ray. "It looks like it's three months old and it is mad like a panther and its just squalling. Then, "Old Town Road" comes on, and it instantly just stops, and its eyes get really big, and it just listens."

Based on all accounts, Billy Ray and Lil Nas X saved the Kleenex moment. See the video for yourself by clicking below. 

"That baby was trying to tell its parents that it just wanted to hear "Old Town Road," says Billy Ray.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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