Cole Swindell Reveals Why The 'Sunset Repeat Tour' Is Bittersweet

Could this the last hurrah for Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan?

The two have teamed up and are currently performing on the ‘Sunset Repeat Tour’ together, but this could be the last run of shows for these longtime friends. In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Cole shared that touring with Luke in 2019 is bittersweet.

“I remember the day that we actually talked about it,” Cole said, referencing a conversation with Luke that would lead them to devise a plan to embark on their last hurrah.“We were down in Albany, Georgia doing a charity thing for the storms down there. I always wanted to go back out with him one more time. He has been a big part of my career.”

Cole joined Luke in 2007, not onstage as an artist, but selling merchandise while on tour. “I was with him early in his career, he was a new artist, and I was selling t-shirts,” shared Cole. Show after show, Cole spent his time studying Luke’s behavior on and off the stage, and there was one highlight that always stood out.

“I think it’s just how he handled everybody, the people that worked for him, his team, I mean it’s no wonder that everyone loves Luke,” shared Cole. “He treats everybody how they should be treated. I think that’s one of the things that really sticks with me now.”

“Taking care of the people that take care of you. That’s high on my list of things I do, and I thank Luke for being a good dude to look up too.”

Catch Cody Alan and Luke Bryan face off against Cole Swindell and Jon Langston in a very serious game of wiffle ball. The instant replay is available on Cody's IGTV channel now. Click HERE to watch.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.