Garth Brooks Gushes Over Trisha Yearwood Being Back On Country Radio

Trisha Yearwood hit the country charts again with a new track called, “Every Girl In This Town.”

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, proud husband Garth Brooks gushed over how honored he is to hear Trisha’s voice back on the radio.

“For me hearing Trisha back on the radio again, its like, it’s so good. It’s a voice that familiar, that we all love,” shared Cody. "What is it like for you to hear her?”

“It makes you feel like you are at home, and that’s how it is to be married to her.” gushed Garth. “When you see her. When you walk in. When she touches your hand. When she just says something…everything about you just calms down and gets excited at the same time.”

“It’s cool that what she is in real life, she is to everybody that hears her on the radio,” Garth continued. “I’m with you, it’s GREAT to hear her voice on the radio again.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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