Brandon Stansell Pours It On Strong During Cody Alan’s #MIDWEEKMASHUP

Cody Alan and Lauryn Snapp are “spilling the tea” and “TOP SHELF” drinks with Brandon Stansell on this week’s #MIDWEEKMASHUP!

Brandon is in Nashville ready to serve up a new single on Friday, June 28th. His summer time bop “Top Shelf” will be available everywhere that music is heard and to celebrate, he brought his finest bottle and helped Cody and “Laptop Lauryn” crack into a new Facebook Live episode of #MIDWEEKMASHUP.

Watch the video below for helpful tips on underrated but legit booze combos, how to prep for ‘Amazon Prime Day,’ and what Cody has planned for his 2000th AfterMidnite Show. (Yes, you read that right. 2000!) Its gonna be big!

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.



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