Jason Aldean Shares Parenting Tip With Kane Brown

Kane Brown & Katelyn Jae are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter. Being the couple's first child, they have been heeding the advice of their trusted circle of friends, namely Jason and Brittany Aldean.

As a father of 4, Jason has a deep well of experience to pull from and offered some straightforward advice to the newlywed couple. Kane shared with Taste of Country, that Jason’s simple recommendation was to be ready because “She’s going to have you wrapped around your finger.”

Kane and Katelyn have shared that they are looking forward to tackling parenthood together. They also have a sneaking suspicion that Jason's youngest daughter Navy Rome will become their daughter's best friend.

Backstage with Cody Alan in Grand Rapids, Michigan Kane shared baby news updates, and it sounds like the baby preparations are coming right along. The couple even has a plan to conquer that new parent worry that strikes throughout the night.

“We just moved into a new house. Luckily, we are turning an old office into the nursery, so there is already a camera set up so we can watch her while she sleeps.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.