Get Chris Janson's 'Super Easy' Harmonica Tips

“I learned to play off one that I bought from Cracker Barrell,” says Chris Janson as he hands Cody Alan a harmonica before their first music lesson.

Chris tripled his tips on Broadway with this one trick and since then, he has made the instrument a staple in his high energy shows.

Today, he is here to share some tips and tricks that he has learned along the way with Cody Alan. Maybe you are also interested in learning to play the harmonica?

Watch Cody and Chris practice a solid “ticka-ticka-ticka” on the harmonica and improve your own skills almost immediately.

Fun Fact: This trick DOES NOT work when playing Kazoo.

Be sure to tune in and listen to Chris Janson tonight from 7p-11p on the radio by finding your CMT Radio Live station at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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