Cody Alan’s Blue Couch Trends On Facebook After #MIDWEEKMASHUP Broadcast

Your taste in couches says a lot about you and, this week, Cody Alan’s big sofa became the center of the conversation, stealing the show during the weekly #MIDWEEKMASHUP Facebook live series.

Cody Alan was joined by Lauryn Snapp to review the week’s trending topics. Little did they know… the blue couch would surpass any news updates or fun facts that they could share.

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Have FOMO and need to see the trending blue couch? Watch the video below. Feel free to place your couch bids or simply thank Cody for home décor prowess via Twitter/Instagram @CodyAlan.

CMT Radio with Cody Alan goes LIVE with the MIDWEEK MASHUP every Wednesday at 2 PM CST at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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