Luke Bryan Shares Sticky Fashion Secret

Luke Bryan’s hips don’t lie. The country superstar has been known to shake it across America since he first arrived on the country music scene. So how does a cowboy retain the tight jean look? Katy Perry forced Luke to spill the beans.

On March 10th, America was paying close attention to American Idol hopeful Clay Page’s audition. Katy couldn’t resist asked if Clay's pressed and tight jeans were taped to his boots. Clay laughed and dismissed the question with a shocked “no.”

“Well, Luke’s boots are,” snickered Katy with delight.

After years of touring, photo shoots, and national television, the “Strip It Down” singer knows what do look for when setting the standard in good fashion tactics. "His jeans are kind of tight though, he's taking a page out of my book," Luke confirmed with a grin. Luke also shared that he is a big fan of the tape trick, “It keeps your jeans from flaring out. Can't deal with the flare. Can't deal with them creeping up on me."

We can credit celebrity stylist, Amber Lehman for helping Luke look fashionable while maintaining the move worthy space that he requires to strike a pose and bust a move at a moment’s notice.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.