Cody Alan’s Top 7 Songs About Pie To Celebrate Pi Day

March 14th is known by the math-whizz world as “Pi Day.” However, for the rest of us, we use it as an excuse to discard calories and scarf down a few slices of our favorite “ZA” and fruit filled sweet treat.

Cody Alan + the Crew celebrate both, Pi and Pie! Here are 7 songs that we can count on to ignite our taste buds. How many of these do you remember? Let Cody know via Twitter @CodyAlan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Don McLean - "American Pie"


Johnny Cash - "Pie In The Sky"


Bob Dylan - "Country Pie"


John Fogerty - "Rhubarb Pie"


Neil Diamond - "Porcupine Pie"


Kenny Chesney - "Key Lime Pie"


Phil Vassar - "Just Another Day In Paradise"



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