Miranda Lambert's 'MuttNation' Celebrates 10 Years & 150k Surprise Grants

Miranda Lambert’s animal non-profit, ‘MuttNation Foundation’ is celebrating 10 years with $150,000 in surprise grants to shelters across the country.

Miranda founded the non-profit with her mother Bev, with the mission of promoting shelter animal adoption. Miranda often encourages her friends to adopt rescue animals, and her celebrity pals say that she can be rather convincing.

Ashley Monroe, from the trio Pistol Annies shared with Cody Alan “we have all adopted animals from her. I have three dogs, all from MuttNation. Angaleena Presley was quick to pipe in that she shares a similar “tail tale.” “I have a cat that I’ve adopted from her too.”

“Music and rescue animals are the two driving forces in my life, and I’m so fortunate that the success I’ve had with my music allows me to help shelter animals more than I dreamed possible,” Miranda shared in a press statement. "Just in this past year alone, we helped 1,776 shelter pets find their forever homes. We didn’t know if one person or 100 people would rise to the challenge and were thrilled by the response of 399 rescue-loving folks who signed on," Miranda continued. "Nothing makes me happier than to see people actively participate in making a positive difference at their local level."

Miranda is currently the pack leader of eight dogs and farm animals that reside on her 400-acre-farm just south of Nashville.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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