Michael Ray And Carly Pearce Sweat Together, Stay Together

Teamwork makes the dream work, and for this country couple, that means hitting the gym together on occasion.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Michael Ray reveals that his secret weapon at the gym is the motivation he gets from fiancé, Carly Pearce. Health and fitness have played a pivotal role in Michael’s life over the last several years. When he met Carly and discovered that they have a mutual love for classic country music, bland grilled chicken, and date nights at the gym, he had an inkling that she was the one.

“I found out that being able to go to the gym. Being able to go to the gym is my mediation,” Michael tells Cody. “It’s helped me control anxiety, overthinking, you know? Just the little bit of loss that you can get in this business, I think that this helps me maintain.”

The life of an artist can be grueling, and the road can be demanding. Cardio plays a vital role on and off the stage. Cardio seems to be a strong suit for Carly, and it’s a strength that Michael is unashamed to say he hashtags as #GOALS.

“I hear Carly doesn’t sweat?” prods Cody.

“She’ll sweat, but she looks gorgeous walking out of the gym. She’ll run 8, 9, 5 miles or whatever,” laughs Michael. “I love how she will run 5 miles while we are at the gym together and we will go to leave, and I’ll say, ‘what did you do?’ and she will huff and say, ‘I only did 5 miles’.”

Michael finds their sweat sesh moments amusing, and he commends Carly’s endurance by saying, “‘THAT’S A GOAL! Like that’s a goal for some people. Like your fiancé!’ That’s a goal for me. I do three, and I’m huffing and spitting and my sides hurt. She’s just this little gazelle looking pretty with just enough sweat to be glistening.”

Both, Michael and Carly are ACM nominated will be headed to Las Vegas for the 54TH ACM Awards on April 7th.

“Never in a million years did I think that I would be marrying a country music artist, but also, never in a million years did I think that we would both be nominated for New Female and New Male Vocalist of the Year.This is what dreams are made of.This is truly the most incredible feeling.I can’t tell you how excited we both were.” shared Carly in a statement.

Talk about a power couple!

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