Hoda Kotb Chooses Sides Between Coaches Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson

Is Hoda Kotb picking favorites? Well, when it comes to picking a favorite coach on 'NBC's The Voice' she has made her selection. Season 16 is a hard call with John Legend joining coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. So who is it that Hoda is rooting for?

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Hoda spilled big news.

“When you are watching The Voice, Hoda, who are you pulling for?” asked Cody.

“I hate to say this out loud. I think that I am secretly team Kelly.” Hoda has publicly announced her celebrity crush on Blake Shelton continued to explain herself and why she chooses to root for the "Meaning of Life" powerhouse.

“I think Blake has already won enough, and it’s like ‘all right, you’re like the Yankees,’ like it’s time for others. I know Kelly has been doing great, she’s won too, but Id just like for her to succeed. I’m rooting for her!” said Hoda.

Would Hod have a change of heart if Blake pens a song based on her children’s book? Only time will tell, but lullabies with Blake could be a fan favorite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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