Blake Shelton Tells Cody Alan New Music Is Coming Soon

Blake Shelton says new music is coming this Spring!

Blake might be hard at work on the set of NBC’s The Voice, but that doesn’t mean that he has stalled on making a new record.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Blake spilled some big news. “I’m hoping by spring, we will have some new music out there.”

Spring is approaching at a rapid pace and with Blake’s current taping and tour schedule, his schedule must be well organized and planned.

So is Blake sweating the tight timeline? Nope. The “I Lived It” singer shared with Cody that he has been working on the new tracks for a while. “You always feel the clock ticking,” shared Blake.

Cody asked the question that everyone was wondering. “How has ‘The Voice’ effected the new music and whats coming next?”

“The Voice has definitely effected my music,” shared Blake. “Mostly, I think, the timing of it because you kind of have to work around that schedule. But, I think we have done an OK job of trying to manage that. I’ve definitely felt rushed a few times with some records in the past.”

Blake continues to share that he pulls inspiration from his experience on the popular show. “I pull stuff that I have learned from the voice. You can’t help it. After 16 seasons of doing that show and hearing so much different music and meeting so many different artists and seeing how they do it, of course that eventually manifests itself what I do.”

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Blake’s last project, ‘Texoma Shore’ was released in 2017 and fans are eager for more music. Learn to do the Dougie with Blake and his ‘Friends and Heroes’ on tour.

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