Cody Alan’s MINDBLOWING Encounter With Magician, Criss Angel

Cody Alan’s mind was officially freaked while watching Criss Angel’s new 'MINDFREAK' residency show in Las Vegas.

Criss pulled out all the stops for Cody and invited him to meet backstage before the show. During their conversation, Criss attempted to give Cody fair warning to what he was about to witness. However, no backstage banter could have anticipated the straightjacket that Cody would soon find himself in.

While we have been sworn to secrecy and cant provide details behind what we experienced, we can say that Criss took the stage and dazzled audiences with close up magic enhanced with sonically powerful, well developed stage graphics. His grasp on full production theater, stage movement, and his well-cast troop of misfits transformed the theater into multiple vignettes taking the audience on a squeamish, uncomfortable, yet spellbinding ride.

Sin City is known for setting the standards on entertainment. Criss Angel is known for setting the standards on grand scale magic and his Goth-rock-magic show delivers. Tickets can be purchased by visiting

Photo Credit: Criss Angel.

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