Listen! Maren Morris Debuts New Song ‘Girl’

Maren Morris fans listen up, the wait for new music is over! 


Cody Alan previewed Maren Morris’ brand-new single and says that “‘Girl’ is the pep talk track that everyone needs to hear this year.” 


Maren exclusively told CMT’s Cody Alan, how proud she is of this song but the writing process was not an easy one. “I started writing it last year with my co-writers, and I was having a really hard day,” shared Maren. “I was going through something with another girl and we just could not get on the same page with each other. It was a friend, and we were competing against each other, and none of us really knew why.”  


The lyrics initially were intended to be a “letter” to her friend. 


“I was writing this song as a letter to her, saying “Hey I’m a fan of you. I don’t know why we are like this, but can we just like get along? Then, I kind of realized, after a short amount of time, I’m not writing this to her. I’m writing this to ME,” shared Maren 


Maren continued to write the song to herself and what came about was a self-reflective power anthem. 


“It’s tough to look in the mirror and be like, ‘I don’t like myself right now,’  and it is not going to be forever, but I don’t like myself today. We don’t always love everything that we do. We are not perfect. We are humans,” says the "Dear Hate" singer. 


Maren hopes that her new single will help serve as a special reminder for her fans that “No matter how hard it is, at this particular moment in time, it’s going to be ok…they’re not alone in their imperfection.”

Listen and watch the lyric video below. Be sure to listen to Cody 7 nights a week on the radio and follow Cody on Twitter and IG @CodyAlan.

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