What Fans Are Saying About Kane Brown's "Good As You" Video


Kane Brown has released a beautiful performance video to support his newest single, “Good As You.”

Outdoing himself yet again, Kane infuses R&B basslines with country keys and electrified banjo, expanding his sound across the old-school country he grew up listening to and applying it to current musical trends. The new track follows previous fan favorites “Heaven” “What Ifs,” “Lose It” and “Found You.”

Kane has dreams to make “Good As You” his fourth consecutive #1 single in 2019. The fans seem to be rallying for the same vision. 

Here are our top 5 Favorite YouTube comments from Kane fans: 

  1. “Country music feels like the only thing going right right now 💛”
  2. “I love that you could listen to this song and not know instantly its from 2018 because of the old school country feel with steel guitar,banjo,drums and actual vocals!!! I'm old AF and I'm so HAPPY I found his music❤”
  3. “The real Country music still alive!! Thank You Kane, you made my day 🤙🏻”
  4. “I'll let my 45 year old self listen to this song in the future”
  5. “Kane you was robbed boo! How can you have zero Grammy noms?! Those harmonies?! Omg! 😍”

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Kane’s sophomore album, 'Experiment' dropped on Nov. 9 and is available everywhere.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 


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