WATCH: Mitchell Tenpenny Shares Eerie Secret With Cody Alan


Mitchell Tenpenny celebrates his first number one, "Drunk Me" and his album ‘Telling All My Secrets’ by taking over Cody Alan’s Instagram. A day of interactive fun and many secrets are shared with fans, but the secret that Mitchell only shared with Cody will send chills down your spine.

During their interview, Mitchell revealed that his most emotional song on this record is a track entitled, “Walk Like Him.” The song is one that pays homage to Mitchell’s late father.

“My mom and grandma always said that I walked like him,” smirked Mitchell. “My dad was always one of my biggest supporters.”

“It made a great song,” commented Cody. “I love the cover too. There’s kind of an old-school payphone, which may confuse some millennials out there,” laughs Cody. “Why go with the payphone?” 

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Mitchell’s response sent goosebumps up the spine of everyone in the studio. Watch the video to hear about the eerie afterlife experience that Mitchell encountered and how he knows his dad is still watching over him and cheering him on.

CMT declared Mitchell “a man of soul, swagger, and stories of a Nashville gone by.” Join Mitchell and Cody tonight on the radio. Find your station at


Photo Credit: Getty Images.


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