Toby Keith Remembers President George H.W. Bush


Toby Keith has the answer to uniting the country. 

Recently, Cody Alan and Toby shared a drink in the CMT Radio studio. During the discussion, Toby shared the struggles that he had to overcome as a patriotic artist, the division of our country politically, and his thoughts on and why the late president George H. W. Bush was such a strong president.

As Keith reminisces on his short but sweet interactions with Bush, he hits on the late president’s ability to “reach across the aisle” and accomplish the tasks that America required.

“I think if everybody shared a campfire for a weekend. Did a little huntin’, fishin’ round the pond, roasted out a little bit, and got to know each other, I think that there’s a lot more in common than there is division.”

Keith found that while the past few presidents seem to be surrounded by “fire everywhere,” the legacy of George H. W. Bush can join the ranks of Regan, Nixon, and Carter for attempting to remain balanced among opposing views and political stances. While Keith is closer with his son, George W. Bush, he recalls our great nation’s 41st president to be a "kind, gentle, and supportive father and a lover of good jokes."

It’s interesting that solo cups come in standard colors of red and blue. Maybe that’s not a coincidence? Toby and Cody can raise a drink to that!

Photo Credit: Getty Image.


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