Brothers Osborne Share A Surprising Dierks Bentley Secret

Dierks Bentley may share the last name, but he is not driving a Bentley.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the Brothers Osborne duo revealed some band secrets about their ‘Burning Man Tour’ mate and pal.

Before we reveal the secret, let’s make sure that everyone is up to speed on some popular Dierks facts, visuals included. You're welcome. 

  • Dierks Bentley’s Car Caught Fire and Charles Kelley Was A Hero. Want the CMT story? Click here.
  • Dierks may seem warm in demeanor but has frozen people out with his crazed ICE BATH. Want to see Cody Alan take the plunge? Click here.
  • Dierks is a pilot and owns his own jet. Want to be "Drunk On A Plane"? Click here.

So, what’s the big secret that T.J shared? “Dierks is just a regular plain dude. A lot of times you’ll see him backstage, and the people that he connects with the most are just the everyday blue-collar people that are there backstage hanging out.”

Dierks has an endearing spirit and solid roots. 

WATCH the video below to hear the Brothers Osborne share what they believe to be Dierks’ life goal. Hint: It isn’t to just be famous.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images.