Dolly Parton Helps Jennifer Aniston Find Her Voice


Dolly Parton is busy as ever.

The country music icon recently sat down with Cody Alan to talk about her upcoming film Dumplin’ which is set to air on December 7th on Netflix.

Although Dolly is an esteemed actress herself, she will not be starring in the film. She contributes by creating the musical backbone for the film’s soundtrack. And, it all started with a book recommendation.

“There was book out several years ago called Dumplin’ and people just kept calling me and saying ‘there’s a book out that’s got your name all over it. The character is supposed to be inspired by your songs and your sayings.’ I said ‘really?’ So, I read it, and I was really touched. And then they would say  ‘you should make a movie of that!’ I said no I couldn’t do that. That would be so self-serving and so egotistical and all. So, I never thought any more about it.”

Fast forward, Jennifer Aniston’s office would reach out to Dolly and ask for the use of original music also inquire on Dolly’s interest to write new music exclusively for the film. 

Dolly was happy to say yes, which brought on a host of collaborations with powerhouse singers including Miranda Lambert, Sia, Elle King, and others.

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The most surprising vocal collaboration for fans may be between actresses Jennifer Aniston and Danielle McDonald.

After hearing the song, Cody Alan asked with surprise, "Who knew Jennifer Aniston could sing?"

The two actresses sound unbelievable belting their dynamic duet “Push and Pull,” which Dolly wrote specifically for their voices helping to showcase their mother-daughter relationship throughout the film.

Dolly describes the experience by saying, “[Jennifer Aniston] doesn’t claim to be a great singer, and she doesn’t claim to be a singer, you know, at all… but I wrote a song called “Push and Pull” and I based it on their relationship, and I thought ‘well it would only be right for Danielle McDonald who is the star lead and Jennifer to come to the studio and sing.”

Both actresses were nervous about approaching the vocal mic, but Dolly was steadfast in coaching them through the process. Dolly reassured them by saying, “Anybody can sing, you don’t have to be solo.” The two actresses met Dolly at the studio for their vocal debut. “We plugged them in with the other singers, and they sounded good.”

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