What's The Most 'City-fied' Thing About Luke Bryan?

American Idol’s show schedule has Luke Bryan spending a lot of time in LA and New York.  So have the bright city lights influenced him to become a big-city person? Not entirely, but what the “What Makes You Country” singer shared will probably shock you.

Luke has been keeping a pretty tight lid on urban living, but when he announced that his “Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink” bar would be serving sushi, Cody Alan had an inclination that the city lifestyle was prompting some of his choices.

During an interview backstage at the CMA Awards, Cody asked the hush-hush question, "

We have developed a highly scientific point system for this conversation that will help Cody assess the balance between Luke being country vs. city.

Here are our findings:

1.    Luke has admittedly ventured to some posh restaurants. Sometimes, often enough that he does not require a menu. (10 City Points.)

2.  He has had serious caviar cravings, to which he has caved. (12 City Points)

3.  He and Cody are planning a new podcast called, “This Week’s Country Caviar Podcast.” (8 Country Points.)

4. He’s recently fed stray dogs on his farm and helped find their owners. (20 Country Points.)

5. He mentioned "huntin' lodge," not "huntin' cabin". (Points Offset.) 

For now, it looks like Luke Bryan is still in the “country club.” 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.