Luke Bryan Admits 'My Kids Are Monsters'

Luke Bryan says, “My kids are monsters” and without missing a beat, Cody Alan replies “So the nightmare is coming true? Are your kids becoming you?” 

Luke is a known instigator for good-humored antics and shenanigans. So, have his mischievous ways finally caught up to him? 

Cody caught up with Luke to kick off the 10th annual 'Farm Tour' and Luke seems to think he has met his match. 

10-year-old Bo and 8-year-old Tate may have some pretty big shoes to fill before they become their father's doppelganger, but it sounds like they are well on their way.

“Bo is a carbon copy. Mentally. But, he won’t listen to me. Tate is Caroline. But, he listens to me. Caroline doesn’t listen to me.”

Who would have ever thought that LB would have an issue finding people to listen to him? Caroline Boyer, Luke’s wife, gets a free pass. We can’t imagine what it’s like raising three boys and one teenager.

All jokes aside, Luke Bryan is loving his life. “They’re so fun. We are having a blast. Our nephew, Til caught his first touchdown pass this past weekend, so we are having a lot of fun around our house.”

If you are wondering how your family life compares the LB's. Here is an Instagram post that may be very familiar.  

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