8 'Puppy Love' Moments from Brett Eldredge and Edgar Boogie

Country crooner Brett Eldredge and his best friend, Edgar Boogie released a new music video that’s 'pawsitively' adorable. “Love Someone” directed by Jeff Venable, captures the “perfect day” through the eyes of Eldredge’s beloved four-legged #1 partner in crime, Edgar. 

This tender story of friendship gives fans a long-awaited look into the lifestyle that is sometimes shared between two best friends. Which, in Edgar's case, would often include candle-lit steak dinners, motorcycle rides across the city, and afternoons at the park. But, have you ever wondered what would have led up to such a strong friendship? 

Consider this article, a step-by-step guide for gaining the attention and affection of your new bestie. 

8 real-life examples that prove Brett and Edgar are actually best friends:

1. Talk It Out.


2. Hold Hands.


3. Sunday Afternoon Hangouts.


4. Boat Days.


5. Beachin’ Summer Vacations.


6. Hygiene Habits.


7. Celebrating Holidays.


8. Out of the blue reminders that you care.


Do you have a four-legged best friend? Share your photos with Cody Alan by tweeting @CodyAlan or posting them to facebook.com/CMTRadio! 

Photo Credit: Instagram / @bretteldredge


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