Garth Brooks Sells Out Notre Dame Stadium

Garth Brooks has done it again, selling out the first-ever concert to be held at Nortre Dame Stadium. Tickets went on sale Friday, Sept. 14th and the 85,000 seat capacity stadium was sold out within three hours of becoming available. The number of fans waiting in the website’s purchasing queue remained consistently above 60,000 which helped to offset both bots and scalpers.

Garth took to Twitter in appreciation for fans and the thanking Ticketmaster for a well executed ticket sale.

“HOLY COW @NotreDame! I can’t believe how you all showed up for this!!! With YOU there, October 20th is going to be an AWESOME night for all of us!!!! See you in South Bend!!! love, g #GARTHatND

October 20th will be a night for the books and big props to Ticketmaster for blocking nearly 1 million bots from purchasing tickets.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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