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Cody Cast Episode 50: Levi Hummon

posted by Lauryn Snapp - 

Levi Hummon is a country music singer who is making an imprint on the Nashville community! Local to Music City, Hummon grew up surrounded by country music’s legendary talents. This week, he joins Cody Alan and Marley Sherwood on Cody Cast. So what do lotions, selfies, and Steven Tyler have in common? You will have to listen to find out.

Fun Fact: Levi Hummon's EP is expected in October.

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Cody and Marley are pretty social. Give them a social shoutout on Twitter:

Cody Alan - tv radio host. human. interviewer. dad. night owl. trailblazer. southerner. nice guy.

Marley Sherwood - I am not here to under-deliver // I talk A LOT.

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