CMT Radio's Artist Spotlight: Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson is a 21-year-old spitfire songstress from Southlake, Texas who has been catching the ears of country music fans for her skillful soul-fed vocal flair. In her spare time, she is found bending notes behind a piano and making jokes on social media, but who is Abby Anderson really?

Discover this talented artist with these 4 CMT Radio “A. B. B. Y.” facts.


Abby graduated from high school early to pursue her dream of moving to Nashville. In an interview with Cody Alan, Anderson says, “I told my dad when I was 14, “Hey I want to start home schooling and just so you know I’m moving to Nashville when I turn 18 and there is nothing you can do about it. He turned slowly in his swivel chair and said, "Well that’s the dumbest about thing I have ever heard you say," and then he paused, “If your gonna home school why don’t you just finish high school early and then you can move out there when you are 17.” Based solely on this business meeting, Anderson made a quick scholastic pivot that allowed her to take the next step toward her dream. It was talk radio that helped kick start her career. Anderson performed, “Let Freedom Ring” (her version of “My Country Tis of Thee”) on Glenn Beck’s conservative talk show. Her performance was so popular that it led her to land a spot on the Billboard and iTunes charts.


Breaking it down online, she’s a social media smash. Anderson has leveraged her social media skills to harness her platforms in a way that allows her sparking personality shine and her talent be discovered. She also has some killer dance moves and where else can those be properly showcased for the masses?


Bodacious student of music and loves classic country. A rule in the Anderson household was to take piano lessons from the age of 5 and you can’t quit til you graduate high school. Anderson admits to Cody Alan that there were times where she was ready to call it quits, but her family’s determination and unbroken rule helped her cultivate the incredible skills that she has when sitting behind the ivories. Anderson has impeccable taste in musical heroes.  

The below examples were pulled from her Instagram. This is exactly how she feels about the king and queen. (Elvis and Dolly.)


You may have seen her this year making headlines as she was named as one of CMT’s Next Women Of Country and a CMT Listen Up Artist for 2018. 

Abbey Anderson hits the world on Friday, Sept. 7th with her debut, EP ‘I'm Good'. In the meantime, why wait to listen to her debut single "Make Him Wait"? Check out the video below and feel free to share these A.B.B.Y facts with your friends and let them know that you knew about her first.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.